One Vote, One Name

Respect & Protect Our Right to Vote
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“Our vote is our voice. It is our most important right, and the only way we can bring about progressive change for ourselves and our fellow citizens. Though this song was first written during the struggles in South Africa to end Apartheid, it is equally relevant now as I find myself concerned about the same kinds of things in this country, from voter suppression, to voter exclusion. ‘One Vote, One Name’ is our right to claim, and defend.” -Joel Rafael

2021 Tour Dates

Joel Rafael with Dana Cooper

August 19, 2022

Joel Rafael with Dana Cooper

August 21, 2022

Joel Rafael with Dana Cooper

August 25, 2022

San Diego Folk Heritage presents Joel Rafael and Dana Cooper

August 26, 2022

Teodoro Ramirez Troubadour Concert Presents: An Evening with Joel Rafael

August 28, 2022

Screening and Panel for A Song For Cesar

September 10, 2022