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Boomercity - Baladista

Joel Rafael Rolling Stone France

Boomerocity is pleased to premier the latest video from the latest album by critically acclaimed, California songwriter and seminal folk artist Joel Rafael. Joel will release his ninth album, Baladista, on April 14 (April 10 International) on Inside Recordings. Inside Recordings, a label created by Jackson Browne and his management team, is distributed worldwide by Alternative Distribution Alliance.

The album's first single and video, "Old Portland Town" (here), will resonate with the first wave of baby boomers and sets the tone for the entire, heartfelt album. The song tells the tale of Rafael's experience being arrested in Portland as part of a city-wide sweep of the entire underground. He had migrated there from Los Angeles with a group of outlaws, artists, writers and mystics in an effort to avoid the impending military draft.

However, the second single/video, is, by far, Boomerocity's favorite and we're exclusively featuring it TODAY for the entire world to hear and see. The song is is "Love's First Lesson," a co-write with Eagles songwriter Jack Tempchin. The two have been friends since the 1970s when they met while performing at the Blue Ridge Guitar Shop in Encinitas.

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