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Joel Rafael - Baldista

Joel Rafael started his UK tour with a 40 minute support slot to Jarrod Dickenson, at Brighton's Green Door Store. As the show started, people came in from the adjoining bar and were immediately enraptured by Rafael's words and music. Such an attentive audience, formed of a wide age range, in a room with a great sound (thanks to Matt on sound - he's one of Brighton's best sound guys and when you walk into the venue, spot him, doing his stuff, you just know all will be well that night).

Back to Rafael's performance though...he played songs from his newly released album BALADISTA which has been garnering some wonderful reviews (Rolling Stone, no less!). He's cut from a similar cloth to his hero Woody Guthrie and his songs are often full of social commentary - he does what the best folk singers do and uses music to convey some strong (and oftentimes, uncomfortable) truths...


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