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"America Come Home" Receives Four Star Review

Courtesy of The Daily News - Mckeesport, PA - by Jeffrey Sisk

America Come Home - New Album by Joel Rafael

A respected folk artist in the vein of Woody Guthrie, Joel Rafael has crafted another winning album in "America Come Home." Whether co-writing a tune with the late Guthrie ("Dance Around My Atom Fire") or being joined by icons David Crosby and Graham Nash (title track), Rafael has delivered a thought-provoking - yet always entertaining - collection of twelve tunes.

There aren't any real mis-steps to be found here, and Rafael is especially effective on "Dharma Bums, "Indian Summer," "I Can't Feel Your Love," "Within Your Graces" and "Racing and Chasing the Sun." "America Come Home" is Rafael's eighth album. It's also his best.

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