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American Songwriter Review: Joel Rafael Baladista

Joel Rafael -  American Songwriter

A magnificent achievement, like a love-letter to the traditions of beautifully etched narrative songwriting. Like fine wine and few other things on this planet, the music of Joel Rafael seems to only grow richer over the years.

After a career of many fine albums, he's created his best one yet. Long revered on the folk circuit of our country and beyond, and with good reason, he's a seasoned and serious songwriter, and a singer of great authority. His tributes to folk legends like Woody Guthrie shine with the purity of his folk heart, and his luminous voice and beautiful folk stories have enchanted the years. This new album is ripe with beautifully inspired and finely etched and detailed songs like "Old Portland Town," which reflect the influence of Woody and others who have written perfect town songs like this. A rich and loving picture of spirit, it's a snapshot of a time which resides like a fine memory in the poet's heart. It's also in perfect meter and rhyme, exemplifying the late great Dave Carter's wisdom that the only great rhymed poetry to be discovered in these modern times is in songs...

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