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Mavericks By Nature - AMA Show!

Joel Rafael -  SiriusXM Radio

The dictionary defines a maverick as "an unorthodox or independent-minded person" with synonyms including individualist, nonconformist, dissident and free spirit.

AMA suggested the West Coast songwriter Joel Rafael for our show, and that one sent me to the bookshelf. What a story! An early artist at the legendary folk clubs The Ash Grove and The Troubadour, Rafael became fully swept up in the tumult of the 1960s counterculture and anti-war movement, staying one step ahead of the draft and making music where he could while plying other trades. He was in a duo with Rosie Flores, to my fond surprise. He recorded for Jackson Browne's record label, did some theater music and became part of the Woody Guthrie Festival posse as one of the handful of artists entrusted with Guthrie lyrics by Woody's daughter Nora. That led to a major Kennedy Center appearance celebrating Woody's legacy. Joel sings in a dead sincere, fibrous baritone and speaks his mind plainly. This will be a gratifying MCR debut by a guy who's been there and done that...

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